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Dream number I-have-no-idea
I arrived in the fourth realm. My memory of the dream did not extend before that, but I do know that I just left the third realm. Conveniently, the fourth realm was right down the street irl, at a square I know well.
Underking Ores the Sea-sojourner (unsubtle Pyre reference goes here) was the leader of this realm, and as such, it was in the theme of monsters, monster-slaying, and overcoming fears. Basically, it was halloween-themed.
I stepped on some sort of vehicle I remember nothing about. I have no clue what it looked like, what size it was, how many people were on there or what powered it- All I know was that I wasn't the one driving it, and that it had at least one wheel.
We went clockwise around the square. First, we saw the Orc King in the bushes. Legend said he'd been poisoned all his life, but was so tough that it had yet to kill him. He was very green.
Next up was the sand pit, where several people were dressed as the undead (for some reason, at this point it became clear to
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[DG] RP tracker (Dullahan)
Don't you know it's rude to read someone else's diary? Not that this is one, mind you. And yet, I find your intrusion into my work most unpleasant.
I suppose I should not expect better of you meta types. You fancy yourselves omnipotent, shaping our world, our very lives as you see fit... You think you can read whatever you want, and the sad truth is that you can indeed. I am powerless to stop you.
What you may see below is a collection of my more recent memories. Interactions with the most curious individuals, and the... less interesting people I've met. They inspire me, you know? The former, I mean. The latter can die of cerebral degeneration for all I care.
Well then, off you go. Be nosy to your heart's content, and leave me be. I have much to do.
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 0 0
[DG] Dullahan, the Veteran
Affiliation: The Dungeoneers' Guild
Division: Couriers
Name: Dullahan
Species: Shiny Alolan ninetales
Gender: Male
Ability: Snow warning: When he feels threatened, howling winds and biting frost start swirling around Dullahan.
Nature: Calm: Dullahan is soft-spoken and rarely loses his cool.
Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn: Dullahan is often convinced of his own right, and will only pretend to listen to others.
Move Set: Dullahan prefers to wear foes down or challenge their wit. When forced, he can turn a foe's power against them.
Aurora veil: A shimmering, rainbow-coloured coat forms around Dullahan, made from the ice crystals that surround him in combat. The shield cushions or even deflects incoming attacks.
Swagger: Dullahan adds a layer of supernaturally irritat
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 3 7
[DG] RP tracker (Armin)
Hey dad,
I know letters don't get delivered back home. But I wanted to write anyway. I hope that someday, this letter will get delivered. Maybe I'll even give it to you in person. Or maybe I'm just writing this to myself, to get things off my chest.
I hope you three are holding out. It already feels like it's been ages since I last saw you. I miss home, I miss mom, I miss you. But I'll come back, and when I do, it'll be with a full squad of Rangers.
Lots of things are happening here at the Guild. Even with mom's stories in the back of my head, I thought it would be more boring here. But every day brings something new. Shows what I know.
I should tell you something about the people I've met, and the things I've experienced...
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 1 3
[DG] Armin, the Underdog
Affiliation: The Dungeoneers' Guild
Division: Rangers
Name: Armin
Species: Tyrogue
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast: When faced with pain or overwhelming force, Armin makes an effort to make up for opportunities lost.
Nature: Naive: Armin is a little gullible by nature, and a bit socially clueless.
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits: Armin is tougher than his diminutive frame lets on.
Move Set: Armin's repetoire is the result of intense training under both his parents. His specialty is taking down opponents bigger, stronger, and faster than himself, but he struggles against ghosts, special attackers, or multiple opponents.
Low kick: Armin makes a quick kick or sweep for his opponent's legs, in an attempt to trip them up or even make them fall over.
Counter: After intentionally taking the brunt of a physical attack, Armin uses the op
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 4 18
Hour of Judgement
The Grand Metropolis had fallen. Corpses littered the street. Shops burned, churches crumbled and toppled. Houses had their windows scattered in shards across the city, if they even stood at all. As I watched it all unfold, another fissure tore open the earth. Bricks eagerly fell into the gaping void below, as if down there was somehow a better place.
War stood there, surrounded by the chaos, and laughed. His skinless, horse-like head made the most awful, wheezing noises, and I shivered even though I could not hear them from here. His body, made of exposed flesh and blackened bone, towered over the buildings that still stood tall. A playful swat with the back of his hand, and they too collapsed.
“Isabella, you don’t have to look,” said Dawson behind me.
I lowered my binoculars, and I was glad I did. I couldn’t stand to watch it all up close anymore.
“Do you think we can even do it?” I whispered, and tears welled up in my eyes.
“Nobody died, and
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 2 2
Mature content
Three to go :icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 2 1
Even before she opened her eyes, she knew it worked. The cold stone supporting her body was not the bed she went to sleep in, nor was the gentle, dripping rain anything like the sound of a crackling hearth. She sat upright, and instinctively clasped the necklace resting on her chest. It really worked, it really was magical!
She heard the rain, and she saw the drops floating down a little more slowly than they should have, but she didn’t feel wet or cold at all. And despite the rain, she could see the sky above was an inky black night, with so many twinkling stars they almost didn’t seem to all fit up there. And yet again, despite the darkness, she could see the hills around her with perfect clarity. It was all impossible, she knew- except for in a dream.
Waves of grassy green stretched on for what seemed like an eternity, littered with- were those swords? She stood up and hopped off the thing she woke up on (a stone altar of sorts, engraved with letters she’d never se
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 1 0
The Dream 2
Steven and Greg Universe were with me, and we were on a holiday in Dubai. For some reason it was all canyons and cliffs instead of skyscrapers, but that didn't bother us. What did bother us was that we were hungry.
We quickly came to the idea of finding a restaurant to eat something. For some reason, there was only one option; luckily, it was a restaurant I knew, and I enjoyed eating there. A waiter came over to explain the gimmick of the restaurant (something with bread and herbs and fish). I thought it was genius. Steven was confused. Greg didn't care.
When the waiter was finally done after a good 15 minutes of talking, Greg decided the restaurant was too slow. I protested that we'd just have sat through the explanation for nothing, he didn't care. We left. Luckily, because this was a dream, we weren't hungry anymore. So instead, we went diving.
Steven and I donned our gear and entered a hole in the ground, and went cave diving. It was amazing. We pretty much immediately found three
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 1 4
The sound of metal on metal echoed through the arena. Sparks flew. The air tasted like ozone.
Two figures fought in the center of the pit, lined with spectator seats raised above it. Everything was black carbon and glowing neon. The floor of the arena was a grid of small hexagons and the soft colours shining in between. Several parts of it were damaged or stained with blood, and some chunks went missing altogether, giving a view straight down into the abyss. Below were only darkness and stars.
One of the combatants was Lord Maximus, the knight in gold. His armour was damaged, but not broken, and his gauntlets gripped two ornate golden swords. His eyes glowed a fierce white inside his dragon helmet.
The other was taller and even more heavily armoured, with thick greenish plates and a horned helmet. He swung around a massive two-handed sword with impossible speed, as if it weighed nothing at all, but he too looked worn and tired.
Another swing went for Maximus’ head, straight down,
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 1 4
[LUCID]New beginnings (take 17)
The forest was quiet at first. More peaceful than the eerie sort of quiet. Birds sung and leaves rustled, but it was all muted by the serene atmosphere that clung to the area. Birch trees dotted the hills, but still allowed passage to the deer and boars that roamed in between. Grass and wildflowers covered every square inch of the ground. It was a warm morning, lazy and calm.
Then a figure in blue stepped out of the air.
Behind him was only a displaced portion of the forest, like someone had cut out a rectangle from a picture and moved it aside. When his feet both stood on the grass, the portal closed with a hiss. Animals instinctively made room for him, and evacuated the area with haste. Birds stopped singing, and sought a place from which to watch him.
Deluxeloy flexed his fingers and ground his heel into the dirt. A thousand trees around him turned to ash and scattered on the wind in an instant.
He flicked his wrist upwards, and a massive stone block rose out of the ground with a gr
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 1 4
The island broke through the clouds like an oil tanker breaks through waves. Thick mist whirled out of the way of the massive amalgamation of dirt, stone and machinery. The thing was the size of a cathedral, and shaped like a rough impression of a bullet cut lengthwise. The flat top half hosted a garden, with a neatly trimmed lawn, asymmetric flowerbeds and a few stray trees. The lower half looked like it was torn straight out of the earth; rough, compact earth, veined with roots that dangled over the empty sky below. Six metallic fins protruded from the side, just below the edge of the garden. They seemed to move on their own, and moved the island along with remarkable efficiency.
In a shady spot under one of the trees sat two individuals, with an small, round table in-between. Tea, milk and cookies were spread out on its surface, as well as several sheets of paper, notebooks, entire encyclopaedias and a few odd contraptions. The clutter spread around their chairs in a radius of sever
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 2 5
The Dream
I arrived. With me were a few of my friends, including George of SRA fame and a small group of girls I never met before. I quickly identified we were in Spain somehow. Around us were a few ruined castle walls  and a whole lot of chest-high fences. This obviously meant the place was set up for an annual Spanish Encierro. Since I’ve seen the bull run in Pamplona once, I knew precisely what to do. I positioned my friends between the fences where they might not be trampled, and set out to investigate.
As I rounded the corner around one of the walls, I realized something ghastly. This was also Disneyland, which obviously exists in Spain. There was a parade going on, and I was tasked by yours truly to identify as many Disney characters as possible. I recognized Pinoccio, a platoon of nutcrackers, the Little Mermaid, a small army of insects from A Bug’s Life (to scale!), the cars from Cars, Jack Sparrow, Sora, Ruby and Blake from RWBY, Crowe, and a few more characters that al
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 1 4
[PMDA] M1: Mobius course (page 2)
A flash, and the bug type staggered and stumbled. Lightning crackled for a second more around Sabre’s outstretched fist, and then he was gone. When the ariados looked again, he saw only a faint pink silhouette. Sabre had teleported away, but not to land another strike. A knife of psychic energy flashed behind it, aimed not for the ariados, but something else. The sweet scent hanging in the air increased tenfold in strength. When it turned around, Recon tumbled onto the floor.
Sabre didn’t waste any time. “Recon! I need speed, NOW!”
The illumise took a breath and blinked once, before realizing what was going on. She shot into the air, narrowly avoiding another hail of spikes. Her wings made currents in the air that spread her sweet scent further. Below her, Sabre started taking deep, sharp breaths through his mouth. A little trick Recon taught him, to prevent the pheromones from taking hold of him. The ariados, however, started to look a little sluggish. Just a l
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[PMDA] M1: Mobius course (page 1)
“Yeah, this is definitely not right,” Sabre said for the fourteenth time that day. “There’s something going on here, something fishy. I know it.”
Recon sighed. She continued flying just behind the kirlia, bracing herself for hearing him ramble again.
“I mean, Sinbad said it was ‘basically a straight path.’ In hindsight, I don’t think we should’ve trusted that guy. We should’ve come out the other side of the forest by now, too, but I haven’t seen anyone in hours. We haven’t come across the river- come to think of it, we haven’t even come across any obstacles lately. We had like one dizzy trap way at the beginning- Wait, was that it? No, even if we went the wrong way, we should’ve- See, here’s that bush again. I told you it was the same one.”
The illumise rolled her eyes, then yawned. Staying up two days in a row was taking its toll on her.
“I mean, I would just teleport us both ou
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 2 0
Since the new PMDU tasks are largely community-based, I'd like to fill my story up with some of your folks, some unfamiliar faces. I'm still planning the story as you read this, but I noticed it'd be odd if the same people keep popping up.
You know the drill. Give me a link to your PMDU app, tell me what they'll be doing, and I'll portray them to the best of my abilities. As a bonus, you get to read my story early because I want to make sure all my cameos are accurate. I'd appreciate it if you'd check it for me once that time comes, but no pressure.
Any guild, any objectives, as many characters as you have. I more than likely won't use everyone's folks, but I can try. Thanks in advance. Anything I forgot?
:icondeluxeloy:Deluxeloy 1 40
Some of my more recent work.


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Good news for once! I don't think I ever mentioned it here, but I've been playing DnD with some friends for quite a while now. It's a ton of fun, especially since many of us dabble in fiction or art. So it is only natural we'd write pieces about it on the side.

Our DM (the talented and mysterious EonOrteaShadowmaster) and I collaborated and wrote a little origin story for my character, Lobott the druid. I gave him material to work with, and he turned it into a story worth reading. Give it a look. I like it a lot.


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